JIAN Xiaoxia,ZHOU Weiliang,XU Yi,et al.Research Progress of Thermo-reversible Self-healing Polymers[J].EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS,2019,48(02):1-9.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-8352.2019.02.001]





Research Progress of Thermo-reversible Self-healing Polymers
南京理工大学化工学院(江苏南京, 210094)
JIAN Xiaoxia ZHOU Weiliang XU Yi SONG Qili SONG Yufang XIAO Leqin
School of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Jiangsu Nanjing, 210094)
thermo-reversible self-healing polymer dynamic covalent bonds supermolecule
自修复聚合物是一类可利用自身结构内部的可逆反应或者大分子扩散来完成对微裂纹自修复的物质。在众多的自修复方式中,热刺激是最快捷和应用最多、最广的方式。针对目前火药的加工条件,结合近年来自修复聚合物的研究状况,对60 ℃以下通过热刺激响应实现自修复,且具有一定力学强度的聚合物黏结剂材料进行综述。自修复聚合物主要分为动态共价键自修复和基于非共价键的超分子自修复,分别对其自修复机理、制备方法和目前的研究进展进行了阐述,为其在含能材料中的应用提供参考。
Self-healing polymer can repair their inflicted damage and maintain their mechanical properties by reversible reaction inside its own structure or macromolecule diffusion. Thermal stimulation is the quickest and most widely used manner among the many self-healing ways. In present paper, self-healing polymer in response to thermal stimuli below 60 ℃ and with a certain mechanical strength was summarized,which is aimed to the processing conditions of gunpowder, and combined with the research of self-repairing polymers in recent years. It was divided into dynamic covalent bond, such as metathesis reaction and free radical recombination reaction, and supermolecule based on non-covalent bonds. Self-healing mechanism and preparation methods were described respectively, which is expected to provide a reference for its application in energetic materials.


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